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This week, Johan’s birthplace, Tovar, Venezuela was devastated by deadly rains and landslides. The citizens of Tovar watched as the rains flooded their roads, waterways, and triggered deadly mudslides.

They are now facing a monumental path forward. Their homes and possessions have been destroyed as have many of their businesses. Some families are struggling with the death of loved ones. Others have begun the long and hard work of reconstruction. The days, weeks, and months ahead will certainly be hard and challenging.

We will be there as the community of Tovar begins the long and hard work of rebuilding their lives and community.

Tovar Relief

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The Santanas have a strong connection to their childhood home of Tovar, Venezuela. They are deeply committed to finding ways to make a difference in Tovar and have been making a difference there since 2005, especially in the lives of its children.

The Foundation has conducted Toy Drives, provided assistance to the local hospital, given baseball equipment to community children, donated Fire equipment, and lent their support to a myriad of local Fundraising events meant to raise monies and awareness of the critical needs of the region.

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